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This chick really loves being fucked by numerous cocks, the more cocks cum all over her, the happier she is.

Read this wonderful story and get hot as never before… I can see them all round, hanging in front of my face, still hard, some are limp and semi erect.

I lost count on how many times I got them deep throat and in my holes.

Pain and fatigue turns into carnal pleasure and passionate lust. ……There we were on my bed, Mathias fucking me doggy style with his dick in my ass.

As I grow older, at least looking (can you believe) 4-5 years older than what my age, I always had feeling that I am not the right match for my wife!

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After what felt like 15 cum shots he finally stopped and pulled his black cock out of my asshole. “Well, it is such a turn on when you cum inside me! Excited and expecting something completely different I went over and found him and 6 of his friends in the living room talking and watching TV. I told my husband that I was going to the nigh club with some friends of mine and that he didn’t need to worry about me because I was in good “hands”. I decided to adapt to the situation, and start things for my own pleasure.

It was a nice cream pie in my ass, I couldn’t get enough of it. You know, it feels like more than one cock shooting loads” “Hmmm, well, we can set it right! With the sluttish look on my face, I got on my knees and hands, crawled over to Mathias and started making out with him.

God, he came so deep in me, I can never push his cum back out. I couldn’t think you can do this to me” I told him while I put my head on his chest and rubbed his semi hard erection. The noises you were making told me that it would be a complete bullshit if it was not” he said. ” I replied: “It was great, but aaahh, mm, well, never mind! Right away all the guys got up and started feeling me up and taking all my clothes off.

His sperm smelled really good, it was making me reel and getting me dizzy. They all pulled down their pants and I got to sucking!


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