Pregnant and dating belly molding

Your doctor will probably track your weight gain during pregnancy.

But they may not be as concerned about it as you are.

The movements of your baby are very small, because your baby is still very small.

You’ll feel distinct motions coming from your abdomen now that your baby is quite a bit bigger.Most women see initial weight loss of below twenty pounds as their bodies get rid of the excess liquid and other material left over in the body from the pregnancy, but following that initial loss, It is normal for them to hit a plateau.If you've hit such a plateau, tfinish not to let it affect your motivation.Your pregnant belly is also starting to get rounder to give your baby more space.Any earlier than week 12 in the gestational period, and you are very unlikely to feel any movement at all from your baby.This all depends on whether we can get some regularity with Cammie's eating and sleeping schedule. She started at 6 lbs 5 oz, dropped down to 5 lbs 13 oz, but caught back up to her birth weight after two weeks. She's certainly taking on that chubby baby appearance too.


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