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Number of attractions on the island of Penang is simply amazing.

According to different estimates there are from 1000 to 3000!

Penang burst into the best countries to retire scene when it was placed top 10 consistently since 2011 by many retirement magazines and websites.

It is not only a place to retire but a place to stay on a long-term basis.

While the old port, and the area's history as one of the region's great cultural melting pots, is fascinating most, travellers are here for the beautiful beaches and peaceful beach resorts. Recommending the best places to stay in Penang is highly dependant on why you're visiting, but you can choose from everything from city style to barefoot luxury.

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What is not well known is that Penang is also a great place to stay long term or retire.Most of the island's cultural attractions are around Georgetown.There's Kek Lok Si-Temple, a vast Buddhist temple complex, several botanical gardens. Penang is a great place to be come festival time as well - and there are numerous festivals each year.The existing island system of public transport is very convenient and will allow you to reach any point of the island, while spending quite a bit of money.We have tried to collect for you the most interesting and worthy in our view of the sights and tourist attractions of Penang outside Georgetown.Apart from typical for all resorts attractions and entertaining facilities the island of Penang offers its gusts a vast choice of unique ways to spend time.


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