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And I believe with all my heart that what the world needs is radically bold, sacrificially loving, God-besotted “freaks” and aliens.

In other words, I am inviting you to say no to the world The world does not need more cool, hip, culturally savvy, irrelevant copies of itself.

Commentaries and editorials go in WIGO: Blogs, as do blogs, You Tube videos, social media posts, and articles about any these.

Crazy commentaries, editorials, blogs, videos and social media items go in WIGO: Clogs.

These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to G.

*Black Boo chirps* It's time to look at the worst moments of Phantom Strider's videos; as pleasant and generally upbeat of a reviewer as he is, even he isn't immune to criticisms and can pull out a polarizing moment from time to time.“Pastor John, do you believe there is a difference between film nudity versus pornography? And the closer I get to death, the better I feel about that, and the more committed I become.I know many Christians who are against porn, but they have no issue watching movies or TV shows that show graphic nudity.” A young woman named Emily emailed this question to the The closer I get to death and meeting Jesus personally face-to-face and giving an account for my life and for the careless words that I have spoken (Matthew ), the more sure I am of my resolve never intentionally to look at a television show or a movie or a website or a magazine where I know I will see photos or films of nudity. [common language] of the world, this is an invitation to be an alien.HIGH Solving every floor of the tower in quick succession. HIGH Letting the other team charge the battery to 100% and then stealing it.LOW Grinding the same level over and over again to get strong enough to fight the boss. LOW The dialog and aesthetic are thoroughly forgettable.Following the recent terror incidents in London and Manchester, moderate Islamic group Minhaj-ul-Quran UK hopes to do more to counter the effect DAESH propaganda on British teenagers with their annual "al-hidayah" summer camp.


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