Midsummer dating

I've been invited to a Swedish Midsummer party, and frankly, I'm terrified.

I've been told it involves eating raw fish, drinking copious amounts of home-made vodka and dancing round a big phallus while I pretend to be a frog. Midsummer parties vary from the respectable and sober to the downright bawdy.

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She is an actress and frequently takes temporary jobs in the Midsomer area when "resting" between assignments.

For most Swedes, and most foreigners fortunate enough to experience it, it is simply the best party of the year.

Held on the evening of the Friday between June 19th and 25th, Midsummer marks the the longest day of the year.

In Sweden, a country with dark winters and short summers, celebrating the light and the warmth is a natural thing to do.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice The celebration of the Summer solstice is a very ancient practice, dating back to pre-Christian times.

Midsummer was originally a fertility festival with many customs and rituals associated with nature and with the hope for a good harvest the coming fall/autumn.


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