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The episode won Emmy Awards for Writing in a Drama Series and Directing in a Drama Series for Benioff & Weiss and Nutter.

The weather conditions at Stannis Baratheon's camp drastically improve, clearing the route towards Winterfell.

Jane persuades her therapist to come along as a guest at a dinner party.

The original pilot script described the opening credits as from the perspective of a raven flying over a map from Castle Black to King’s Landing.

The noise of the fans requires a great deal of the dialogue in snowy scenes has to be done in ADR. Alfie Allen originally auditioned for the role of Jon Snow, and was later cast as Theon Greyjoy. The fact that films in many tourist spots around the world creates extra work for the units.

She's a girly glam kind of gal, so naturally, she picked a pretty shade of her favourite colour for this evening's event.

This being Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards, Michelle's leather pencil skirt is from River Island, and so is the rest of her pastel ensemble.


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