Granny cams

Children of aging parents sometimes use nanny cams for the elderly, also referred to as granny cams, as a tool to monitor a parent s caretaker when they suspect elder abuse.

In other instances, the reason for installing a nanny cam is more benign.

If you have an urgent legal or medical inquiry about an elderly resident, then I must insist that you contact the appropriate legal or medical expert immediately, because none of this information will help you.

Whether the story is about the staff abusing a resident, residents attacking each other or some other form of neglect, it is becoming increasingly worrisome to think about a loved one being cared for in one of those facilities.The Illinois Department of Public Health will establish a fund of ,000 that will be given each year to residents selected by a lottery to purchase and install monitoring devices in nursing homes.It will be a criminal offense to tamper, obstruct or destroy the devices.Consequently, people have been approaching Spytech stores to help them overcome these types of issues for many years now.I will summarize for you the best information about this type of situation, that I can provide based on my experience, but please note that I am merely a retail spy equipment expert.It is a sad fact that too many nursing homes in Texas and the greater Houston area abuse or neglect their vulnerable residents.


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