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You might ask then, why should you think about Accessibility in your UX Design process?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the leading national public health institute of the United States, a person with disability may have difficulty with the following: Here are examples of personas with disabilities: Example 1: Vision Impairment A 60-year-old retired woman with vision loss caused by diabetes—the woman’s disability is illness-/age-related.

The members of the Trinity never relate to each other as objects, to be used for their own good. When we use others, we diminish their dignity as well as our own. People shouldn't, because it's not what we were created for. This is why pornography, masturbation, and rape fall outside of God's intentions for us.

They relate to each other in love, seeking to serve the goodness and glory of the other. dehumanizes sexuality and depersonalizes people by turning the viewer into a taker and the one viewed into an object.

Debbie talks to designer Bonnie Siegler about her career and about the conflict between designers and their clients.

"The clients aren’t the problem, the clients aren’t jerks, they’re not assholes, it’s not that they have bad taste, or anything like that.


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