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This element defines rules for granting paid time off for valid absences, such as sick time, vacation, and maternity leave.An absence entitlement element defines the entitlement amount, frequency, and entitlement period.You can specify a default payment term on the customer and supplier records.Then, when you enter a voucher or invoice for that customer or supplier, you can either accept the default value or override it with a different payment term.At the highest level, an academic organization can represent a division.In People Soft Enterprise Performance Management, the accounting class defines how a resource is treated for generally accepted accounting practices.

You can use a blank payment term code for the most commonly used payment term, but you should also set up that payment term with a code to use as an override, especially if you use a nonblank default payment term on the customer or supplier record.ADDED: By default, when you process a Credit Note for a COD Debtor, it prompts the operator ' Must Rev prompt you for a REFUND amount Tendered...'. You can now go to Setup [Invoices] and tick the ' With COD Debtor Credit Notes, do not prompt operator if they want to do a Refund - just do it' box to just do the ' REFUND amount Tendered...' prompt by default.If a Rev User sets one or more Foreign Currency Exchange Rates to a ZERO (on the [Currencies] tab under System Prefs), weird things happen when you try to process an Order, GRN or Invoice for a Foreign account.Payment term codes can range from simple to complex, depending on your organization's policies.You define a payment term by using a one-, two-, or three-character combination of these types of characters: For example, you might use A1%, which combines all three types of characters, for a percentage payment term code.The 2017 MIC officially kicks off with the Opening General Session.


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