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Not an expert on disston saws, but the name was sold to HK porter. If the saw you're looking at is reasonably good steel and is tapered, then it's probably a pretty good saw.At least some of the saws were made in danville, VA, I think. I have a bunch of older and newer saws (none new enough to be porter, though), and the biggest difference I see between them is the level of polish. Note the screw head flats and chamfer on cheeks is not as great as on # 3. The majority, I believe to have made before ca 1895. Disston had his own brass foundry early on and cast his saw screws up to the time of Glovers Patent in 1887. Another open three cove apple handle with double nibs at the top and raised cone saw screws. Notes on Method of Dating There are 147 different back saws in the Disston collection.The intent of this work is to share knowledge I have gained from the Disston backsaws in my custody.

I have been helped immensely in the past by having access to online resources, and would like to pass on what I can.Rose Tools put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into scanning the catalogs amassed here.While the website hosting this resource has been taken down, Rose Tools has given permission to host them here.The earliest dated saw in the study looked very British.It can be noted that the hook and carving of the lower handle was retained for some time while markings on the back and saw screws went through change.Saw #6 Saw #6 - This back measures 11/16 of an inch. His screws retained the narrow slot used in the split nut period until that date.


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