Dating antique sleigh bells

It was built as a residence on the upper floors with stores and shops on the ground floor. He brought with him recommendations from his relatives Lord Forbes, the Duchess of Gordon and his kinsman, Lord Gordon, Sir Arthur Forbes and Sir Duncan Forbes.

In September 2011, listed for sale, asking price $ million for house and its 6 acres. Construction in the city of Hamilton of one of Front Streets first three-storey edifices covering a 50ft lot, at this address. Born there in 1705 probably on or about 22 August (baptized on 24 August) in 1734 he earned a medical degree from the University of Aberdeen, specializing in "phisick and surgery." He emigrated to Bermuda shortly after his graduation, as a medical doctor.

That crispness in the air is a sure sign it’s time for the annual pageant of vivid reds, oranges, and yellows that inspires leaf-peepers to explore the towns and byways of New England, the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic, and the Northwest.

But what makes a fall foliage pilgrimage truly memorable is where you choose to stay.

Socket of thick sewn leather with leather strap and black japanned buckle stitched to the outside. Face of bronze medal features a raised bust mage of Abraham Lincoln. The barrel has been cleaned and is therefore mostly bright. The area around the breech has some light mottling. These handguns were in production from 1860 through 1873 and were the successor to the Colt Third Model… This is a 1/6 plate tintype of a Union soldier wearing a nine-button frock coat and a vest. The man’s cheeks and coat buttons have been tinted. This is a very rare Confederate-made percussion cap pouch. This spheroid canteen looks a lot like its Civil War predecessor in style and construction. He is wearing a dark colored coat with stand-up collar and shoulder boards. The leather throughout the box is somewhat stiff but flexible in the right places allowing the flaps to open. Produced under the smallest government contract for sabers (10,000) by the D. Millard Company’s manufacturing center in Clayville, New York, this early production weapon is a M-1860 Light Cavalry… This Civil War longarm is a .58 caliber Springfield Model 1863, Type 1, single-shot muzzleloader in complete, original condition. The brass is strong and the priming wire is intact. This specimen is a rarely encountered Model 1840 Civil War cavalry officer’s saber complete with steel scabbard and manufactured by Nathan P. This M-1840 cavalry saber is an excellent original… Cartoons such as this ran in Northern newspapers based on the false rumor that Davis was captured wearing… Wood handle retains much of its original finish with no… 8 miles west of Gettysburg and was the site of a cavalry action on July 3, 1863.

Mp3 Buckinghams - Kind of a Drag ~ 1966#1 Stereo.mp3 Buckinghams - Lawdy Miss Clawdy ~ 1967#41 Stereo.mp3 Buckinghams - Mercy Mercy Mercy ~ 1967#5 Stereo.mp3 Buckinghams - Susan ~ 1968#11 Stereo.mp3 Bud and Travis - Ballad of the Alamo - 1960#64 Buddies - Pulsebeat ~ D1964#NC Mono SF.mp3 Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird ~ 1967#58 Stereo.mp3 Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth ~ 1967#7 Stereo.mp3 Buffalo Springfield - Rock and Roll Woman ~ 1967#44 Stereo.mp3 Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul ~ N1967#NC Stereo.mp3 Bugs Bunny Show - TV Theme ~ 1960#NC Mono Bull & The Matadors - The Funky Judge ~ N1968#39 Mono.mp3 Burke, Solomon - Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) ~ N1964#33 Stereo.mp3 Burke, Solomon - Got To Get You Off My Mind ~ N1965#22 Mono.mp3 Burke, Solomon - He'll Have to Go - 1964#51 Burke, Solomon - If You Need Me ~ N1963#37 Stereo.mp3 Burke, Solomon - Just Out Of Reach ~ N1961#24 Stereo.mp3 Burke, Solomon - Tonight's The Night ~ N1965#28 Mono.mp3 Burke, Solomon - Be Bop Grandma ~ N1961#NC Mono.mp3 Burkes Law - TV Theme Song ~ D1963#NC Mono TV.mp3 Burnette, Dorsey - (There Was A) Tall Oak Tree ~ N1960#23 Stereo.mp3 Burnette, Dorsey - Big Rock Candy Mountain ~ 1960#Flip Stereo 19Burnette, Dorsey - Hey Little One ~ N1960#48 Stereo.mp3 Burnette, Dorsey - The Greatest Love ~ C1969#67 Stereo.mp3 Burnette, Jan - The Boy I Used To Know - 1963#UK Burnette, Johnny (Texans) - Green Grass of Texas - 1961#100 Burnette, Johnny - Ballad of the One Eyed Jack ~ A1961#Flip Mono 08Burnette, Johnny - Dreamin' - 1960#11 Burnette, Johnny - God Country And My Baby ~ N1961#18 Stereo.mp3 Burnette, Johnny - Little Boy Sad ~ 1961#17 Stereo.mp3 Burnette, Johnny - Sweet Suzie - 1964#NC Stereo Burnette, Johnny - You're Sixteen ~ 1961#8 Stereo.mp3 Burton, Lorie - Yeh Yeh Yeh (That Boy of Mine) ~ 1965#NC Mono.mp3 Busters - Bust Out ~ 1963#25 Mono.mp3 Busters - Torrid Zone - 1963#NC Butler, Carl - Don't Let Me Cross Over ~ 1963#88 Stereo.mp3 Butler, Jerry - Are You Happy ~ N1968#39 Stereo.mp3 Butler, Jerry - Find Another Girl - N1961#27 Butler, Jerry - For Your Precious Love - 1958#11 Butler, Jerry - He Will Break Your Heart - 1960#7 Butler, Jerry - Hey Western Union Man - N1968#16 Butler, Jerry - I'm a Telling You - N1961#25 Butler, Jerry - Let it Be Me (with Betty Everett) - 1964#5 Butler, Jerry - Make it Easy on Yourself - 1962#20 Butler, Jerry - Moody Woman ~ N1969#24 Stereo.mp3 Butler, Jerry - Moon River - 1961#11 Butler, Jerry - Mr Dream Merchant ~ N1967#38 Stereo.mp3 Butler, Jerry - Need to Belong - N1963#31 Butler, Jerry - Never Give You Up - N1968#20 Butler, Jerry - Only the Strong Survive - N1969#4 Butler, Jerry - What's the Use of Breaking Up - N1969#20 Butterflies - Goodnight Baby ~ C1964#51 Stereo.mp3 Butterflies - I Wonder ~ D1965#117 Stereo Buzz and Bucky - Tiger a Go Go ~ 1965#107 Mono.mp3 Byrd, Jerry - Memories of Maria - 1962#74 Byrd, Jerry - Theme from Adventures in Paradise - 1960#97 Byrds - 5D (Fifth Dimension) ~ A1966#44 Byrds - All I Really Want to Do ~ A1965#40 Byrds - Ballad of Easy Rider ~ A1969#65 Byrds - Chimes of Freedom ~ A1965#NC Byrds - Eight Miles High ~ A1966#14 Byrds - He Was a Friend of Mine ~ A1965#NC Byrds - Hickory Wind ~ A1968#NC Byrds - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Alternate Mix][Alternate Take] ~ A1969#97 Stereo Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man ~ A1965#1 Byrds - My Back Pages ~ A1967#30 Byrds - So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star ~ A1967#29 Byrds - Times They Are A Changin' ~ 1965#NC Stereo TL.mp3 Byrds - Turn! Kildare (3 Stars Will Shine Tonight) - 1962#10 Chamberlain, Richard - True Love - 1963#98 Chambers Brothers - I Can't Turn You Loose ~ 1968#37 Stereo TL.mp3 Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today ~ 1968#11 Stereo TL.mp3 Champlain, Paul & the Emeralds - Shortnin' Bread - 1960#82 Champs - Limbo Rock - 1962#40 Champs - Little Matador - 1960#NC Mono Champs - Tequila Twist - 1962#99 Champs - Too Much Tequila - 1960#30 Champs - Twenty Thousand Leagues ~ D1960#Flip Stereo Chandler, Barbara - It Hurts to Be Sixteen - 1963#114 Chandler, Gene - I Fooled You This Time ~ C1966#45 Mono.mp3 Chandler, Gene - Just Be True ~ A1964#19 Mono 02Chandler, Gene - Night Owl (Recorded by the Dukays) ~ A1962#73 Chandler, Gene - Nothing Can Stop Me ~ A1965#18 Mono 12Chandler, Gene - What Now ~ A1964#40 Mono 10Chandler, Gene - Bless Our Love ~ N1964#39 Mono.mp3 Chandler, Gene - Duke Of Earl ~ 1962#1 Stereo.mp3 Channel, Bruce - Going Back to Louisiana - 1964#89 Channel, Bruce - Hey Baby ~ 1962#1 Channel, Bruce - Number One Man - 1962#52 Chantays - Monsoon ~ D1963#NC Stereo Chantays - Pipeline - 1963#4 Stereo Chantays - Runaway ~ 1963#NC Stereo SF.mp3 Chantays - Wayward Nile ~ 1963#NC Stereo SF.mp3 Chantels - Look In My Eyes ~ D1961#14 Stereo.mp3 Chantels -Well I Told You (to Hit the Road Jack) ~ C1961#29 Stereo.mp3 Chanters - No No No ~ C1961#41 Mono.mp3 Chaplain, Paul - Nicotine ~ 1960#NC Chaplain, Paul - Shortnin' Bread - 1960#82 Chaps - They'll Never Be ~ 1960#NC Mono.mp3 Charades - Please Be My Love Tonight ~ 1963#NC Mono.mp3 Charles, Jimmy - A Million To One ~ D1960#5 Mono Charles, Ray - Baby Don't You Cry ~ N1964#39 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Busted ~ A1963#4 Stereo 01Charles, Ray - Crying Time ~ N1966#6 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Don't Set Me Free ~ N1963#20 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Elanor Rigby ~ N1968#35 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Georgia on My Mind ~ A1960#1 Stereo 02Charles, Ray - Here We Go Again ~ N1967#15 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Hide 'Nor Hair ~ N1962#20 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Hit the Road Jack ~ A1961#1 Stereo 03Charles, Ray - I Can't Stop Loving You ~ A1962#1 Stereo 15Charles, Ray - I Chose To Sing The Blues ~ N1966#32 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - In The Heat Of The Night ~ N1967#33 Stereo Vinyl.mp3 Charles, Ray - Let's Go Get Stoned ~ A1966#31 Stereo 18Charles, Ray - My Heart Cries For You ~ N1964#38 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - No One ~ N1963#21 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - One Mint Julip ~ A1961#8 Stereo 17Charles, Ray - Ruby ~ N1960#28 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Sticks and Stones ~ A1960#40 Stereo 14Charles, Ray - Take These Chains From My Heart ~ 1963#8 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - That Lucky Old Sun ~ N1964#20 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Together Again ~ N1966#19 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Unchain My Heart ~ A1961#9 Stereo 05Charles, Ray - Without Love (There is Nothing) ~ N1963#29 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Yesterday ~ N1967#25 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - You Are My Sunshine ~ A1962#7 Stereo 16Charles, Ray - You Don't Know Me ~ N1962#2 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Ray - Your Cheating Heart ~ N1962#29 Stereo.mp3 Charles, Sonny and the Checkmates - Black Pearl - 1969#13 Charles, Sonny and the Checkmates - Proud Mary ~ C1969#69 Stereo.mp3 Chartbusters - She's the One - 1964#33 Chavis Brothers - So Tired ~ A1960#NC Mono Vinyl RA.mp3 Checker, Chubby - Back in the U. Tenor Man ~ 1963#NC Christie, Lou - Outside the Gates of Heaven - 1966#45 Christie, Lou - Painter - 1966#81 Christie, Lou - Rhapsody In The Rain (Censored Version) - 1966#16 Christie, Lou - Shake Hands and Walk Away Crying - N1967#95 Christie, Lou - Shy Boy - N1963#119 Christie, Lou - Two Faces Have I - 1963#6 Christie, Lou - XS - O Holy Night ~ 1963#NC Stereo.mp3 Christie, Susan - I Love Onions ~ 1966#63 Stereo.mp3 Christie, Susan - Toy Balloon ~ 1967#NC Mono.mp3 Cinders - I'll Follow You ~ 1964#NC Citations - Moon Race ~ D1963#NC Mono SF.mp3 City Surfers - 50 Miles to Go - 1963#NC Mono City Surfers - Beach Ball - 1963#NC Mono City Surfers - Powder Puff - 1963#NC Mono City Surfers - Sun Tan Baby - 1963#NC Mono CL & the Pictures - I'm Asking Forgiveness ~ A1961#NC Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Whistling Gypsy Rover ~ 1962#NC Stereo.mp3 Clanton, Ike - Down the Aisle - 1960#91 Clanton, Ike - Sugar Plum - 1962#95 Clanton, Jimmy - Another Sleepless Night ~ A1960#22 Clanton, Jimmy - I Just Wanna Make Love ~ A1961#NC Clanton, Jimmy - Million Drums ~ 1964#NC Stereo.mp3 Clanton, Jimmy - Venus in Blue Jeans ~ C1962#7 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Claudine - Party Lights ~ D1962#5 Clark, Dave Five - Any Way You Want It ~ 1965#14 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - At The Scene ~ 1966#18 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Because ~ 1964#3 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Bits and Pieces ~ B1964#4 Stereo RS .mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Can't You See That She's Mine ~ 1964#4 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Catch Us If You Can ~ 1965#4 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Come Home ~ 1965#14 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Do You Love Me ~ 1964#11 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Everybody Knows I Still Love You ~ 1964#15 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Everybody Knows ~ 1967#43 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Glad All Over ~ 1964#6 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - I Knew It All The Time ~ 1964#53 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - I Like It Like That ~ 1965#7 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - I've Got to Have a Reason ~ 1967#44 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Nineteen Days ~ 1966#48 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Over and Over ~ 1965#1 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Please Tell Me Why ~ 1966#28 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Reelin' And Rockin' ~ 1965#23 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Satisfied With You ~ 1966#50 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - Try Too Hard ~ 1966#12 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - You Got What It Takes ~ 1967#7 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dave Five - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby ~ 1967#35 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dee - At My Front Door ~ A1960#56 Clark, Dee - Gloria (with the Deligates) ~ A1960#NC Clark, Dee - How About That ~ 1960#33 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Dee - I Want To Love You ~ A1961#NC Clark, Dee - I'm Going Back To School ~ A1962#52 Clark, Dee - Raindrops ~ A1961#2 Clark, Dee - Shook Up Over You ~ A1963#125 Clark, Dee - You're Looking Good - 1960#43 Clark, Dee - You're Telling Our Secrets ~ A1961#NC Clark, Dee - Your Friends ~ A1961#34 Clark, Dee - You're Looking Good ~ A1960#43 Clark, Petula - Casanova ~ A1963#UK Clark, Petula - Cat in the Window ~ A1967#26 Clark, Petula - Colour My World ~ A1966#16 Clark, Petula - Don't Sleep in the Subway ~ A1967#5 Clark, Petula - Don't Give Up ~ 1968#37 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Petula - Downtown ~ A1964#1 Clark, Petula - Happy Heart ~ A1969#62 Clark, Petula - I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ 1966#9 Stereo TL.mp3 Clark, Petula - I Know a Place ~ A1965#3 Stereo Clark, Petula - I Want to Sing with Your Band ~ A1968#AU Clark, Petula - I'm Counting on You ~ A1962#UK Clark, Petula - Kiss Me Goodbye ~ 1968#15 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Petula - My Friend the Sea ~ A1961#UK Clark, Petula - My Love ~ A1965#1 Stereo Clark, Petula - One More Sunrise ~ A1965#NC Stereo 20Clark, Petula - Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener ~ 1967#31 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Petula - Romeo (Salome) ~ A1961#UK Clark, Petula - Round Every Corner ~ 1965#21 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Petula - Sailor (Seeman) ~ A1961#UK Clark, Petula - Sign Of The Times ~ 1966#11 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Petula - This Is My Song ~ A1967#3 Clark, Petula - Who Am I ~ A1966#21 Clark, Petula - Ya Ya Twist ~ A1962#UK Clark, Petula - You're the One ~ A1965#UK Clark, Petula - You'd Better Come Home ~ 1965#22 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Robin - Daddy Daddy (Gotta Get a Phone in My Room) - 1961#120 Clark, Robin - For Your Sake - 1961#NC Clark, Roy - The Tips of My Fingers ~ C1963#45 Stereo.mp3 Clark, Roy - Yesterday, When I Was Young - 1969#19 Clarke, Tony - The Entertainer ~ 1965#31 Stereo.mp3 Classics - Blue Moon ~ A1961#50 Classics - Cinderella ~ A1960#109 Classics - Life is But a Dream ~ A1961#109 Classics - P S I Love You ~ A1963#120 Classics - Sincerely ~ A1963#NC Classics - Till Then ~ A1963#20 Classics IV - Everyday with You Girl ~ 1969#19 Stereo.mp3 Classics IV - Spooky ~ 1968#3 Stereo.mp3 Classics IV - Stormy ~ 1968#5 Stereo.mp3 Classics IV - Traces ~ 1969#2 Stereo TL.mp3 Clay, Cassius - Stand by Me - 1964#102 Clay, Chris & the West Virginia Buckle Busters - Shot Rod Lincoln - 1960#NC Mono RA Clearwater, Eddie - Hey Bernadine - 1962#NC Cleftones - For Sentimental Reasons ~ 1961#60 Stereo.mp3 Cleftones - Heart and Soul ~ D1961#18 Cleftones - Lover Come Back To Me ~ 1962#95 Stereo.mp3 Cleftones - Please Say You Want Me ~ 1961#NC Stereo.mp3 Cliff, Jimmy - Wonderful World Beautiful People ~ C1969#25 Stereo.mp3 Clifford, Buzz - Baby Sittin' Boogie - 1961#6 Clifford, Mike - Close to Cathy - 1962#12 Cline, Patsy - Always ~ 1963#NC Stereo TL.mp3 Cline, Patsy - Crazy Arms ~ A1969#NC Cline, Patsy - Crazy ~ A1961#9 Cline, Patsy - Have You Ever Been Lonely ~ A1981#CW Cline, Patsy - He Called Me Baby ~ A1964#CW Cline, Patsy - Heartaches ~ A1962#73 Cline, Patsy - I Fall to Pieces ~ A1961#12 Cline, Patsy - I Love You So Much It Hurts ~ A1965#NC Cline, Patsy - Leavin' on Your Mind ~ A1963#83 Cline, Patsy - Lovesick Blues ~ A1960#NC Cline, Patsy - She's Got You ~ A1962#14 Cline, Patsy - South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) ~ A1965#NC Cline, Patsy - Sweet Dreams ~ A1963#44 Cline, Patsy - That's How a Heartache Begins ~ A1964#NC Cline, Patsy - That's My Desire ~ A1966#NC Cline, Patsy - Why Can't He Be You ~ A1962#107 Cline, Patsy - Your Cheatin' Heart ~ A1965#NC Clinton, Buddy - Take Me to Your Ladder (I'll See Your Leader Later) - 1960#115 Clique - I'll Hold Out My Hand ~ C1969#45 Stereo.mp3 Clique - Sugar on Sunday ~ 1969#22 Stereo.mp3 Clovers - Bossa Nova (My Heart Said) (by Tippie & the Clovers) ~ A1963#NC Mono.mp3 Clovers - Bossa Nova Baby (by Tippie & the Clovers) ~ 1962#NC Club Honolulu - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie ~ 1960#NC Stereo.mp3 Coasters - Girls Girls Girls Part 2 ~ A1961#96 Coasters - Little Egypt (Ying Yang) ~ A1961#23 Coasters - Shoppin' For Clothes ~ A1960#83 Coasters - Wait A Minute ~ A1961#37 Coasters - Wake Me Shake Me ~ A1960#51 Mono 21Cochran, Eddie - Cut Across Shorty - 1960#NC Cochran, Eddie - Three Steps to Heaven ~ 1960#108 Cochran, Eddie - Weekend - 1961#NC Cocker, Joe - Delta Lady ~ C1969#69 Stereo.mp3 Cocker, Joe - Feeling Alright ~ C1969#69 Stereo.mp3 Cocker, Joe - She Came In Through the Bathroom Window ~ C1969#30 Stereo.mp3 Cocker, Joe - With a Little Help From My Friends ~ C1968#68 Stereo.mp3 CODs - Michael ~ C1965#41 Mono.mp3 Colbert, Bob - Password - 1961#NC Mono Colder, Ben - Almost Persuaded No 2~ 1966#58 Mono.mp3 Cole, Nat King - All Over the World ~ A1963#42 Cole, Nat King - Dear Lonely Hearts ~ A1962#13 Cole, Nat King - I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore Nat King Cole 1964#22 Stereo.mp3 Cole, Nat King - I Don't Want To See Tomorrow ~ 1964#34 Stereo.mp3 Cole, Nat King - L-O-V-E ~ A1964#NC Cole, Nat King - That Sunday That Summer ~ 1963#12 Stereo.mp3 Cole, Nat King - Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer ~ A1963#6 Cole, Nat King - Time And The River ~ 1960#30 Stereo.mp3 Cole, Nat King - Whatcha Gonna Do - 1960#92 Collay & the Satellites - Last Chance - 1960#82 Colley, Keith - Enamorado - 1963#66 Collier, Mitty - Had a Little Talk With My Man ~ C1964#41 Stereo.mp3 Collins, Judy - Both Sides Now ~ 1968#8 Stereo TL.mp3 Collins, Judy - Someday Soon ~ 1968#55 Stereo TL.mp3 Collins, Rodger - She's Looking Good ~ D1967#101 Combat - TV Theme ~ 1962#NC Mono Comer, Chuck - Little More Lovin' ~ 1962#NC Mono RA.mp3 Como, Perry - (I Love You) Don't You Forget It ~ 1963#39 Stereo.mp3 Como, Perry - Caterina ~ 1962#23 Stereo.mp3 Como, Perry - Delaware ~ N1960#22 Stereo.mp3 Como, Perry - Dream On Little Dreamer ~ N1965#25 Stereo.mp3 Como, Perry - Seattle ~ N1969#38 Stereo.mp3 Comstock, Bobby - Jambalaya ~ 1960#90 Comstock, Bobby - Let's Stomp ~ 1963#57 Comstock, Bobby - Tennesse Waltz ~ 1959#52 Comstock, Bobby - Your Boyfriend's Back ~ 1963#98 Mono 17Concaves - We Are Not Alone ~ 1960#NC Mono SF.mp3 Conley, Arthur - Funky Street ~ D1968#14 Conley, Arthur - Sweet Soul Music ~ D1967#2 Conley, Arthur - Shake Rattle And Roll ~ N1967#31 Stereo.mp3 Conniff, Ray Orchestra - Midnight Lace, Pt. & The Repellents - The Fly Swatter ~ A1962#NC Mono.mp3 Dakil, Floyd Combo - Dance Franny Dance - 1964#NC Dakotas - Cruel Sea ~ 1963#NC Stereo.mp3 Daktari - TV Theme ~ 1966#NC Mono Dale and Grace - I'm Leaving It Up To You ~ 1963#1 Stereo.mp3 Dale and Grace - Stop and Think It Over - 1964#8 Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Ghost Riders In The Sky ~ 1962#NC Mono.mp3 Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Hava Nagila ~ 1963#NC Dale, Dick and the Deltones - King of the Surf Guitar [Vocal Version] ~ 1963#124 Stereo SF Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Let's Go Trippin' ~ 1962#60 Mono Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Misirlou (Guitar Hero version) - 1987#NC Stereo.mp3 Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Misirlou (Pulp Fiction version) ~ 1965#NC 1 Mono SF.mp3 Dale, Dick and the Deltones - Mr.Relic spoons were used at Camp Colt, a military installation near Gettysburg that was used for Tank Corps recruit training prior to deployment in World War I. Exhibit deep tarnish, plus one minor dent on each outer-shoulder rim. Of all the British arms, the Pattern 1853 rifle-musket is… This zinc Parrott fuse adapter would have taken a paper time fuse. This longarm is a Civil War Sharps New Model 1863 rifle made by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. This relic was once part of the Iva Rosensteel Rider collection. Rider is the sister of George Rosensteel, who started… The body of this canteen is in very nice shape with only one small indentation at center of one side. Complete with inner and outer flaps, Iron roller buckles, and wide belt loops.… Franz Sigel (November 18, 1824 – August 21, 1902) was a German… Item appears to have been made of silver and gold mixed bullion but it… The round was found on the field at Gettysburg after the battle and the artifact was formerly comprised part of the collection… Excavated iron stirrup is complete and in solid condition. Recovered on Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg by local Gettysburg resident John Cullison, who excavated relics on the field… Clear tintype image of man in civilian clothes with a holstered pistol and carrying a Winchester rifle. Large complete 20-pound Parrott shell with a body that has been cleaned of all dirt and heavy rust leaving a partially smooth surface with rust residue. Pair of brass scales with turnbuckles [one detached]. This original British longarm is a .577 caliber, Enfield Pattern 1853 Type III rifle-musket, single-shot muzzleloader in very good condition. Reverse has a raised laurel and oak wreath circling the inscription that reads, “INAUGURATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES MARCH… Small area of a minor amount of glue residue which has bled through to the front of the ribbon. Case shot ball was found in the woods 300 yards north of the Trostle house. The front sight is present at the muzzle and the blued rear… Image shows Mc Clellan in the uniform of a Major General posed with his left hand resting on the back of his wife’s chair and his right hand thrust in his frock coat al-la-Napoleon. The difference is that there are only two triangular sling keepers instead of three squared keepers and the… Slides feature scenes of the Gettysburg battlefield including Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, various monuments, and two battle scenes. This English cartridge box is constructed of black bridle leather with the exception of a white buff leather closing tab. Henry Snyder Benner was born in 1830 in Straban Township, Pennsylvania. CDV is a waist-up view of General Sigel wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder boards, white shirt and cravat. Intertwined bullion cord formed into a circle and knotted with two acorns consisting of long strips of dead bullion and sequins. The Springfield M1863 Type 1 musket was a government arsenal product… Tray features engravings of the Major General Henry W. Confederate 12-pounder shell recovered from the Gettysburg battlefield. Mc Carthy studied / and practiced his profession / with him for nearly… We searched the country for properties that put you in the thick of things—and discovered that the best hotels for fall colors are as varied as the colors themselves.You could wake up to a view of the Green Mountains and a breakfast with local maple syrup in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.In wonderful condition, this pouch has all the typical characteristics one looks for in a CS piece. This one is complete with brass chain and iron loop which attached it to the sling swivel. Excavated 3-groove minie bullet that has been completely flattened but still retains its distinctive profile. Grape shot ball was found in the woods 300 yards north of the Trostle house. Iron canteen stopper has some surface rust and pitting. This shallow stream bordered the Edward Mc Pherson Farm on the Chambersburg Pike. This was used to plug the barrel of the weapon at the muzzle to keep moisture and dirt from getting in the bore. The most elite of the specialized troops to form the Blitzkrieg of the German Army.


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