Adrien brody dating

30 APRIL 2003 When attending glitzy show biz events in recent months, Australian beauty Nicole Kidman usually strolled up the red carpet in the company of her sister Antonia.

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From behind, Ginger's fang is already out, and Fred begins to push his out.

On Monday night, when one NYC columnist said to the Moulin Rouge star: "I see Adrien got around to using the phone number you gave him on the night he won the Oscar along with you! " Famous for getting red carpet jitters, statuesque Nicole said she rang her new friend to ask if he'd accompany her to the bash.

He’s the Oscar-winning star who infamously snogged Halle Berry as he picked up his Academy Award, she’s the blonde bombshell who brought Fifties style to the runways, via her stylish turn in Mad Men, but despite their high-profile professional lives, Adrien Brody and January Jones have done an awfully good job of keeping their romance under wraps… Despite insisting to reporters they’re ‘just friends’ earlier this year (now, where have we heard that one before?

The two apparently met the night they both took home Academy Awards, and hit it off so well that the star of The Pianist asked Nicole for her number during the post-ceremony ball.

She said yes, and handed over the digits to her mobile.


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